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Umrah Visa from Pakistan

Umrah Visa from Pakistan

Umrah is a great and a beautiful Ibadah that brings hundreds of bounties and benedictions and lits up the heart of Muslims although is not mandatory to deliver once in a lifetime like Hajj. Umrah is the pilgrimage to the city of Makkah and Saudi Government expands the capacity to accommodate more and more pilgrims each year. According to an estimation, more than 6.1 million pilgrims travelled to Makkah over the past eight months. Umrah is the best act to purify the souls of Muslims. It’s just the blessing of Allah SWT to make the Muslims guests of His house and so if you are fortunate enough to visit the most-beautiful place on earth then try to make your trip wholly beautiful by flying with Fatima Travels.

Umrah Visa

Getting a visa is considered to be a tough job exclusively for the first-time travelers. And if still you are worrying about your such matter then just reach us. Our well-experienced staff and dedicated agents are always here to solve your queries and to facilitate the way you want to be facilitated. We provide you complete information from A to Z regarding your tour and each single aspect would be in your knowledge before flying. Reach and sightsee the loveliest place on the earth via Fatima Travels. Traveling with us certainly offers you the best opportunity to have a memorable trip.

Umrah Visa Fee from Pakistan

Saudi Government took a great step in its Umrah Policy 2020 to facilitate the pilgrims and abolished the fees for Pakistani and all other pilgrims. Every Pakistani who is going to deliver Umrah in 2020 certainly searches the New Umrah Policy 2020. Here is a good news for first time visitors that no fee will be charged and it’s free for thefirst visit. Last year, fee was imposed on the second term which is now again cancelled in this year’s policy so thus the whole Umrah visa fee for Pakistanis is 1150 Riyal.

Umrah Visa Terms & Conditions

  • Original Umrah visa application form must be completed and the statement written at the end of the application form must be read carefully.
  • Acquiring a visa application form by post is rather easy that you just have to send a large, self-addressed envelope to your nearest Saudi Consulate.
  • The validity of passport after the date of application form submission is 6 months.
  • Airline ticket is non-refundable and the pilgrims must depart within two weeks from the entry date.
  • Women and girls must be accompanied by their Mahram and they are needed to show the proof of relationship like a marriage certificate for wife, birth certificate for children.
  • If Mahram is travelling with the wife or children then the Mahram must travel into and out to Saudi Arab via same flights along with the wife and children.
  • Women above the age of 45 are allowed to go without a Mahram.
  • A vaccination certificate against Meningococcal Meningitis should be presented and these certificates should have been issued not less than 10 days as well as not more than 3 years.
  • Umrah visa holders are not allowed to work or reside in the Kingdom.
  • Pilgrims should submit their biometric data at the Visa Facilitation Services (VFS) Tasheel Visa Service Centre.
  • The above-mentioned rule is not for the children below the age of 5.
  • Umrah visa application is processed in 4 to 7 working days from the date of receipt.

Validity of Umrah Visa

Since unlike Hajj, Umrah is neither mandatory nor takes about a week to be delivered wholly so the pilgrims’ umrah visa is valid solely for two weeks in which they can offer the rite and can do Ziarat of the Islamic sites. Your departure from Saudi Arabia must be within two weeks after entering the place. Your Umrah visa is no more valid after two weeks. And if you are performing Umrah in the month of Ramadan then your valediction must be undertaken before Eid-ul-Fitr. You have to leave Saudi Arabi before or by the end of Ramadan or else Saudi Government could and would take action against you. And Umrah visa is not valid for any other purpose like work or residency.

Umrah Visa Requirements

Not a piled-up folder is needed to present for your Umrah visa. Rather, just few requirements are to be met to acquire Umrah Visa including;
  • Scanned CNIC copy
  • Biometric slip
  • Original passport
  • 02 photos with blue background
  • Your passport has had two blank visa pages for further processing.

E-Visa Umrah

EVisa Umrah is commonly known as electronic media and is the best choice to decide on for the people who want to arrange their trip on their own. Many people find the Umrah packages and the amenities included in these packages not upto their demands so for such travelers, eVisa is the best option to go for. If you are not comfortable with such Umrah packages then its certainly not less than any overwhelming test for you. Get your visa from all across the Pakistan without involving a middle agent. No need to worry about your trip if you are travelling with eVisa since Saudi Government has presented the standard procedure through which you can easily get a valid visa. General requirements for acquiring online visa include:
  • Original passport with you
  • 2 passport size photos (must be with blue background)
  • ID card scanned copy
  • Biometric receipt

Online Umrah Visa Procedure

Initiate with filling your online Umrah form with authentic personal details required. You will have a call from the Saudi Embassy after the approval of your visa in case and later you have to attach the following documents to proceed further;
  • 2 passport size digital copy of your photo (with blue background).
  • A scanned copy of your Pakistani ID card
Look through your online application and before submitting the application form, make sure that your passport must be valid for over 8 months. Pakistanis having international nationality are required to provide a copy of their original NICOP. It is mandatory for females having a Mahram to travel with and have to show the proof of their relation. Note*
  • It’s mandatory for women to take their pictures in the scarf
  • All the pictures you attach or provide for your Umrah visa should be with blue background.
  • Only the ladies above 45 can deliver their Umrah without a Mahram.