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Legal Terms & Condition For Booking and Reservations

Terms and conditions

If you are looking for a travel agency that you can trust completely then you have come to the right place. Fatima Travels is one of the leading travel agencies of Pakistan bestowing hundreds of flights to dozens of destinations. From Africa to Europe and Asia, you can roam around and fulfill your desire to visit your dream destination while being in budget. Our aim is to deliver the best to our customers so that they can save their spree as the most gleeful in their memories. We always welcome our customers with all our hearts to read the stuff loud here so that no obscurity can remain from our side regarding the terms and conditions related to your travelling.

Choosing a travel agency for your trip means that you already had gathered enough knowledge about it and so are agreeing with the terms, rules and schemes bequeathed by the travel agency. If you have made your mind to choose Fatima Travels as your travel partner that means you are harmonizing with the terms and condition given by us. So if you are choosing an airline or an airport for your trip via Fatima Travels’ information then it means that you are accepting the terms and conditions of that airline or airport. It does not have anything to do with the agency. It should be elucidate here that Fatima Travels is a travel agency that offers only air flights and nothing else that can sold for less or more depending upon the season or time you choose to travel.

Fatima Travels always strives for authenticity and that is probably the reason of our up- gradation in the travel industry in such a short time. We try to illustrate the most authentic information whether it is about an airline, airport, and destination, best time to travel, best time to book your flight, best mean to travel or fare of travelling. We always attempt to provide the most genuine information but if some schemes or regulations are removed, changed or altered by the related entity then the company will not held responsible. Though we plaid it again and again to deliver the finest but it is recommended to do a cross- check as well. Whenever you select something, make sure that you go- through thoroughly from its terms and conditions before reservation to enjoy a hassle- free spree.

We also want to clarify it that Fatima Travels is only accountable about its air flights and of nothing else. Our way of functioning is to deliver best by informing our customers with each and every detail. Thoroughly check the terms and conditions before because we believe that checking is always better than regretting.