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Malaysia Visa

Malaysia Visa

The great political and economic relations between Pakistan and Malaysia grab the major attraction of Pakistanis to visit this spectacular country. The two countries share many common things, as both are Muslim countries and also lie in the same continent. A good number of Pakistanis now want to settle in Malaysia, which is quite easy now as we have good terms with the Malaysian government. Malaysia is known world-widely for its beauty and charm that attracts millions of tourists from all across the world so from Pakistan as well. Many newlyweds choose Malaysia as their honeymoon destination. Malaysia also holds the number of well-reputed universities that leads Pakistanis students to this magnificent country. No matter what your purpose is to visit Malaysia the very first thing you require to fly, is Malaysian Visa. Malaysian Consulate in Islamabad currently offering 3 types of visas for Pakistani passport holders.

  • Malaysian visit visa
  • Malaysian study visa
  • Malaysian work visa
To acquire any one of these visas, the applicant has to fulfill certain requirements. Any missing or incomplete application will not be processed.

Malaysia Visit Visa Requirements

Applicants of visit visas have to submit a copy of covering letter by the individual himself or institutions. Besides this following documents are required;
  • 2 visa application forms
  • Applicant’s 4 passport size photographs
  • Photocopy of original passport with the mention of the expiry date
  • CNIC copy
  • Attach the copy of return ticket
  • Photocopy of the original bank statement from the last six months
  • Applicants have to present Rs 200,000 to show they have sufficient funds to cover the trip expenses
  • In case you’ve minor relative traveling with you then you’ve to provide NOC from both the parents
  • If minor traveling with one parent then other parent’s NOC is required

Requirements for Student Visa

  • Student have to provide a photocopy of university admission confirmation letter
  • Copy of offer letter from the university
  • Photocopy of approval letter from the Malaysian immigration department
  • Sponsor’s CNIC copy
  • Affidavit of support letter by a sponsor
In case an applicant is applying for MM2H or the employment then he has to provide these additional documents with the above-mentioned documents;
  • Medical certificate from approved center
  • Letter of approval from the immigration department

Work Visa Requirement there are two types of work visa

  • A to A work visa ( it is the type of visa where a visa is provided by the company to the employee)
  • A to B work visa (in this type of company is not responsible for visa providence and employee have to acquire own his own. It is also known as the Azadi visa and the most applied Malaysian visa by Pakistanis.

Malaysia Visit Visa

Every year Malaysia welcomes millions of tourists from all across the world where a big amount of tourists belongs to Pakistan. In 2018, Malaysia welcomes a recorded number of 74,458 tourists from Pakistan, a growth of 39.3 % which is massive. Malaysia hit the top rank in 2019 as the best Muslim travel destination and there is a high chance it will win in 2020 as well. So, if you’re planning to visit wonderful Malaysia this year whether, for tourism or job, education or family meeting then choose Fatima Travels as your traveling partner. We are known for professionalism and on-time great services that no other company in town will offer. Enjoy the lowest possible rate without compromising on lavish traveling and easy processing only with Fatima Travels, the number one travel agency in Pakistan.

Malaysia Visa Fee from Pakistan

Once you’ve completed the required document next you’ve to submit the Malaysian visa fee. Pakistani citizens will charge around Rs 12,500 as the Malaysian visa fee. Your Malaysian visit visa will be valid for three months but you can stay only one month on this fee. After the submission of the fee, it will take about 10 to 15 days for processing your Malaysian visit visa.

Malaysia Visa Terms and Conditions

  • All Malaysian visas are issued as single-entry visas and the applicant has to enter within 30 days from the issuance date.
  • Before approval, all visa applications will first be sent for verification of all the required documents and receipt of the payment.
  • Visa application fee is non-refundable in any case
  • Visa fee is subject to change without any prior notification
  • Applicant if visiting the country on tourist or business visa then not allowed to work during their stay
  • It will take a minimum of 5 working days for visa processing

Malaysia Visit Visa Cost

The total cost of the Malaysian visit visa depends on the visa type you’re applying for. It varies from type to type thus, can’t say the exact fee every time. If you’re looking to apply for a Malaysian visit visa without any hassle, there is no better option than Fatima Travels. We are 24/7 at your service. Contact us at any convenient hour for further details and booking.

Malaysia Transit Visa

A transit visa is required when passengers on transit to other destinations need to enter or stay in Malaysia. Every foreigner must get it to stay. While passengers on transit continue their journey with the same flight without leaving the airport premises do not require a Malaysian transit visa. On the flip side Transit without Visa or TWOV is issued after clearing the Malaysian immigration for a maximum of 120 hours stop-over. Good for Pakistanis as our country is eligible for Transit without Visa.

To get the Transit without Visa you require;
  • A worldwide famous tower, Clock Tower is the heart of Faisalabad. 8 bazaars surrounding this spot are the traditional shopping point in Faisalabad. Enjoy shopping, amazing quality food and its lively nights.
  • Pahari Grounds is a beautiful sight with fountains, a gym and a running track. It is a purpose built park that is known as Iqbal Park either.
  • A crowded place, Aqua Land Water Park as it is one of its kinds in Faisalabad is must visiting spot. Stroll by side the sonorous waves. A good variety of food is also available over here.
  • D Ground Park is used to be the most ancient and most visited spot as it is the solely hangout for locals. Though it’s a crowded place, you will certainly memorize the eat outs and shopping places that you will have here.
  • Located near the Clock Tower, Lyallpur Museum is an ancient structure. A rather fine collection of regional historical artifacts and paintings is kept in this only museum of Faisalabad. The gallery of this museum is commendable and its atmosphere is quite soothing.
  • Have some entertainment and joy while being in Faisalabad? Only quality movies are offered here so you can visit the Cinepax along with your family.
  • Explore the history and worth information about city at the Municipal Corporation Library. A fine-looking gallery with deep history makes it an attraction spot.
  • Malaysia E-Visa

    Malaysian e-visa can only apply to those who traveled a minimum four times a year and hold an official passport. If you want to get Malaysian e-visa, you can apply it at an official dropbox of Malaysia. The processing time of e-visa is just 24 hours while you need to provide the following documents;
    • Your passport
    • CNIC
    • Three passport size photographs
    • Bank statement from the last six months
    • Your email address where a copy of visa will be sent to you