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Serene Air Online Flights Ticket Booking

We are going to introduce all about the serene airline to keep you informed well. Serene Air is Pakistan's prominent airline now a day and is becoming more famous day by day. The airline has achieved many milestones in the recent decade. They rise with the slogan of on-time, reliable, and efficient and they are very focused on their values.

About Serene Airline

Serene Air is Pakistan's first-class airline augmented with the mission of reshaping flying experience and converting it to more pleasant and satisfying for the travelers. Adopting the state of the art technological measures, expanding the circle of destinationsand other quality services brand serene Air more reliable and trustworthy.

The airline started its journey in January 2017. It offers wonderful fly revel to its passengers. It receives a reputation in very quick time due to the cheapest flight fare and quality filled services.This domestic airline making journeys greater substantial. It operates between six principal cities in Pakistan.SereneAir makes determinedassurances with its fleet of Boeing 737-800s that are prominent for their performance and tremendoussafety indentation. We aspire to provide travelers with aneverlasting journey, with our professional, expert, and trained team.

A combination of excellence, ambition and customer care are our core values. SereneAir as one of the leading names within the Airline industry and encourage travelers to be part of serene Family and travel withpeacefulness.

Serene Air outstanding traveling service

Serene Air has received the confidence and reliance from the tourists and has ended up one of the most well-known airlines of the day. The Airline arose and grown very swiftly and has captured the marketplace's large travelers' share. Serene Air has an easy and transparent traveling policy available on its internet net page. For travelers who want to fly with their families and friends of five or more, Serene Air has specific reductions. The airfare of Serene Air will be very less expensive and lower-priced for all types of communities and they offer precise discounted fare for the kids from 2-12 years. You might also have many alternatives and options for visiting. Two luggage of 32 kg weight is authorized to the passengers. They trust in the great and make the first-class services nice at the great price. Serene Air offers entire attention to all subjects of comfort in the direction of the flight. From meal, legs place, inflight consolation, and peacefulness, the privacy of every passenger, lighting fixtures requirement in the direction of flight and smooth uninterrupted flying, they consciousness on all factors and make the whole thing perfect. Serene Air lets in you to pre-reserve your preferred seats whilst you e-book your flight. Traveling with serene, you could have a huge independence to choose your preference. Serene Air may want to make your journey memorable and it will grow your lengthy courting with the Airline.

Serene Air online booking facility

Online booking means a lot in the present era. Everybody is running a shortage of time and managing travel is a time-consuming task. Online booking helps a lot in management of the tours and trips. All airlines give online access to their web sites and allow the customer to book their flight online. Serene Air also has an online booking facility. You can book your flight directly from the official website of Serene Air or can visit Fatima's official website for assistance. Fatima travel can assist you best with all packages and fare deals and will pick the cheapest serene air ticket for you. The following are the links for Serene Air and Fatima Travel online booking.

Domestic destinations

The main mission of the serene air was to facilitate the citizens of the country with peaceful and cheapest flights. So they are strictly abiding by their promise and Serene Air is having its flight operation between all domestic places of the country. Following are the domestic routes that Serene Air serves:
  • Karachi to Lahore and back to Karachi (Direct flight)
  • Peshawar to Karachi and back to Peshawar (Direct flight)
  • Islamabad to Quetta and Quetta to Islamabad(Direct flight)
  • Karachi to Islamabad and Islamabad to Karachi(Direct flight)
  • Quetta to Karachi and vice versa (Direct flight)
  • Karachi to Faisalabad and back to Karachi(Direct flight)

International destinations

Serene Air is deciding to run its flight operation to different international destinations. Initially, they decided to start international operations in China, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq. Serene Air is having a very good record track of serving the nation by their domestic flights and in the future, they are developing the approaches to deliver the best and cheapest international flights to the country mates.

Serene Air discounts and deals

Serena Air announces many discounts and deals offers periodically. Recently they have the following deals:

Family Discount

Everyone wants to travel with their family and friends. We here at SereneAir encourage this and offer unique discounts for the group travelers of five or more. The serene Air announced a special offer combine ticket purchasers.

Children Discount

Serene Air offers special interest to the children due to the fact we realize how vital they are to you. Hence, SereneAir gives low fares for youngsters inside the age of two to the age of 12 years.

Better Baggage Policy

We at Serene Air believes in freedoms and preferences. Hence, we permit our passengers to take two pieces of check-in luggage with them that must weigh up to 32kg.

Low Fares:

SereneAir gives the quality service for marketplace competitive fares. We value great and make it low-cost. Get the best cost in your money aboard SereneAir. Serene Air means the low fares and offers cheapest tickets in this time of inflation.

Advance online booking

If you are planning a trip for any place and you are sure about the dates of your departure than you have the option of booking because it saves a lot. Airlines have a slogan that early you book more you save. Booking will make you comfortable and you will feel free and relax along with a handsome amount of saving. Purchasing a ticket 30 days to 90 days before your flight is considered good.

However, many times, we face sudden plans and we need to manage instant trips. In this state of the situation, do not get panic. Fatima travel will solve your problem of getting the cheapest online ticket. This is very simple, visit our website or call us on our numbers 24/7 and our correspondent will promptly book your cheapest serene air ticket.

Serene Air Luggage policy

As other significant and quality filled services, Serene Air has the best luggage policy for its travelers. Luggage policy offered by Serene Air is explained under.

Normal Baggage Policy

Checked in bags allowance is 32kg (02 pieces) on all domestic flights and the weighbridgemust not exceed 54 inchesi.e. (L+W+H=54).

Hand carry must not exceed 7 kg in overall with dimensions, not more than forty-five inches (L+W+H=54).The laptop might be excluded from hand-carry and you can have it added without any charges.

Excess Baggage Policy

Sometimes while traveling for any reason one can have to carry extra weight than allowed one. For this situation, Serene Air has a perfect solution for very cheap rates. For all sectors, the excess baggage rate consistent with KG is PKR one hundred fifteen.

Serene Air web check-in service

Serene Air refund policy


  • If you want to refund Before 48 hours of Your flight
  • If you want to refund Within 48-06 hours of departure
  • Modification Charges/Segment

  • 1000
  • 1500
  • RefundCharges/Segment

  • 1500
  • 2500
  • Ticket will be valid until 29th Day only after flight departure. The penalty will be charged per passenger segment.


    Please note that prices or charges under refund policy are according to each segment. If the passenger is on a round trip, charges could be doubled.

    Ticket validity

    Ticket validity is 29 days after flight departure.The expired tickets have not any cost and cannot be refunded, canceled or modified.Refund fees could be completely waived off in case of the death of a passenger.

    Credit Card policy

    If you book your flight by paying through credit card, you need to show the original credit card and a photo placed original ID card at the time of check in to confirm your identification. Further, you have to submit a photocopy of an original ID card on the counter at the time of boarding.

    In case you have booked the flight on any other credit card, you need to submit a photocopy of the original credit card having the authoritative signature of the cardholder at the time of check-in. secondly, an ID's photocopy duly signed by the holder and the traveler's picture holding ID card's copy must be shown at the time of check-in.


    For greater comfort, passengers are asked to acquire the confirmation of credit card achieved earlier through the airport/city ticketing workplace of SereneAir. The above documentation is a must to show for verification.

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