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Karachi to Islamabad Flights Air Sial

Karachi to Islamabad Flights Air Sial

The city of lights, Karachi is the hub of Pakistan’s economy, hub of big businesses and commercial center. The home to most number of inhabitants compared to any other city in the country, the reason millions of people travel from this city domestically and internationally on daily basis. Having the biggest airport that operates multiple flights simultaneously, allow travelers to fly anytime. Business interests, job opportunities and better lifestyle undoubtedly the biggest attraction why people flock to Karachi but tourisms also come hand in hand when it comes to the traveling to Karachi. There are 68 direct flights operate between Karachi and Islamabad that depicts the big demand of airlines to meet the traveler’s requirements. AirSial, the renowned airline proffers topnotch services at cheap air fares from Karachi to Islamabad. The well-celebrated airline value our customers and aims to make your traveling experience exceptional without looting your pockets.

Words are not enough to describe the charm of the capital city of Pakistan. Islamabad- the green, glorious and glamorous city might not be so popular as tourist destination, mainly because of lack of awareness. The city has plenty of hidden gems that tourists find astonishing, also Islamabad is like the must stop spot for tourist visiting Murree or nearby places. Historic Faisal Mosque, Pakistan Monument, Saidpur Village, Trail 3 & 5, Shakarpariyan, Rawal Lake, zoo, parks, unlimited green spaces, huge shopping malls, world-class restaurants and much more. The city is now considered important as it is home to most of the Federal Government Offices and Parliament House, the residence of Prime Minister is also in Islamabad.

Many national and international travelers land and fly to Islamabad daily. Flights take off from Jinnah International Airport Karachi will land on Islamabad International Airport, located 12 miles outside the city. Benazir International Airport is another airport in city, the second largest airport by traffic in the Country. The two airports carry out mind-blowing international standard flight operations, providing utmost ease and convenience to travelers.

Where to Buy AirSial Cheap Deals from Karachi to Islamabad

Fatima Travels compare all the available deals and packages from AirSial Airline. Providing you the best promotions and affordable fares without compromising on comfort is our priority. Simply, tell our agent your departure time, traveling needs, budget, number of passengers, desire inflight facilities and your baggage weight and we will find best fit for you.

Find cheap air deals with AirSial at Fatima Travels, the most emerging airline of Pakistan. Pakistan originated airline understand the needs of Pakistani travelers. The pure Pakistani airline is best fit to entertain your flying needs. Having advance world-class planes with highly-trained cabin crew and skilled pilots, talk of the town inflight services and exceptional flying experience allow AirSial to stand out in crowd.

AirSial Air Ticket Price from Karachi to Islamabad

Enjoy the lowest possible air fares offered by AirSial from Karachi to Islamabad via Fatima Travels. We go through multiple search engines to grab some of the best deals and cheapest tickets. Booking in advance may save you few thousands.

Best Last-Minute Deals from Karachi to Islamabad

No doubt pre-planned and managed voyage are always best but when you’re traveling with AirSial you can get some of the best last-minute deals from Karachi to Islamabad. Fatima Travels understand your emergencies and always ready to serve you. We try our best to save your time and money by grabbing cheap last-minute deals from Karachi to Islamabad.

Flight Duration from Karachi to Islamabad

Usually it takes 1 hour and 55 minutes to reach Islamabad from Karachi, adding half an hour for take-off and landing, makes total of 2 hour and 30 minutes journey. The exact amount of time may also depend on wind speed as average flight speed for commercial airline is 500 mph or 434 knots. There is no massive rush in Islamabad thanks to the very organized airport. Taxis and airport cabs are easily available, you can book in advance or take one from the airport.

Inflight Facilities and Carriage Details from Karachi to Islamabad

AirSial is Pakistan originated airline that aims to deliver best services to Pakistani travelers. The airline pays major attention to inflight services so the passengers can travel with utmost ease and comfort. Variety in menu will surprise the flyers, the commodious and tranquil cockpit is your ideal companion while the well-trained cabin crew and staff makes your journey best experience.

Flying is easier than ever before with AirSial, the Pride Airline of Pakistan. AirSial has very define luggage policy, we understand that your luggage holds immense importance. We have thorough policy about how to keep your belonging and how to hand it over you safe and sound. Passengers are allowed to carry baggage of 32kg weight in total in AirSial flight from Karachi to Islamabad.

Climate Difference between Karachi and Islamabad

Being the only city with sea in Pakistan, Karachi has moderate arid climate with longest summers, starts from February and stays till November. Even the winters are not cooler compared to what weather is like in Islamabad. Islamabad, undoubtedly blessed with the amazing four seasons, summers are beautiful, very cold winters, lush green spring and colorful leaves of fall makes anyone fall in love with the city.

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